Welcome to Spice and Nice!

Welcome to my blog, Spice and Nice! My Name is Joy. Here is my little corner of the internet where I take time to appreciate and learn about new things.

You’ll find poetry (lots and lots of poetry), recipes, ramblings of my insanity, and the occasional post on the importance of relaxing far, far away from other people.

Some days, I will unfold my thoughts and share my distress, other days, I will write to encourage you.

I hope you stick around on this beautiful journey called “Life.”

Here I share my love for laughter.

I take pride in the words that I put down and wish to be a source of encouragement and odd laughter.

I am a huge fan of cooking good food and laughing with lovely people. My poetry and recipes can attest to that.

I hope you find inspiration in my words while moving forward.

Here I share my love for Poetry.

I want to continually add value to those around me. So here is a free 30-Day Poetry Journal.

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Greenhouse of Sentiment

She looks in among the rubble and crumbling rooftops Scanning far and wide Laying her soul down in soil  Open to the possibility of another Her roots have began to wither away No water to help her grow  She is restless Seeking a new place to call home This greenhouse of sentiment Has become her…

In a quiet kitchen away from home

In a quiet kitchen, I recall my home There are no loud voices here No laughter in the house Just quiet pots bubbling and hissing away If I were to recall the way the island smelled I’m sure the fruit trees would be first There are no fruit trees here No one of my kind…

An Excerpt from Lilacs at Dawn

“The Hope We SustainĀ  Sometimes hope is like poison; it lingers in the body and mind, slowly breaking down all the things we want to keep sacred. It is bitter yet sweet. Hope is like the first kiss you have, waiting for it to mean something, only to realize that lips touching have never meant…

Fragile Monster

They break like glass in a china shop Holding fragments of who they were Who they once wished to be close to their chest Frailty has no power in this world Call it beauty Call it refined It is a lie Only monsters overtake the night Only demons live on to fight It is a…