I am the antidote of a thousand worlds The peace that needs deliverance The crime The criminal Lost soul hear my prayer I am the distant friend The silence that keeps calling A victim A victory Lost soul hear my prayer I am the morning that never comes The bruises of a foreign lover Oh…


I speak in incomplete sentences Thoughts left lingering I forget them Then remember again I wonder if they hate me My thoughts left alone Would they feel abandoned? Or simply as incomplete as I am


I scream On the edge of insanity The pain takes me under Not again Please no I’m drowning in a sea of uncertainty God help me Save me from myself I titter on the edge Begging for forgiveness from a friend 

An Idea

I had an idea Then it had me It came running Roaring Took on flesh And dwelled among men It had no eyes to see their true nature Or ears to listen to the lies My idea was pure Untainted by the ferocity around me With a heart as big as the sky I had…

A Thought On Sacred Places

Lately, I have been in deep thought about sacred places. To be clear, when I say sacred places, I am referring to the areas within us where we experience change. Honestly, I wanted to write a poem about sacred places, something to show the beauty and darkness of these places, but I was unable to….


It’s dependent upon a fool to understand the limits of his actions These small seeds become decisions On the condition that thoughts are made Ramblings in the dark Drunken steps in the right direction Who says a fool has no heart? For my heart beats It thunders in my chest Echoing in the caves of…

Take My Hand

Caught in the silence of the night My heart pounds in my chest This beast of mine defies the night Cried in the distance of the there and then Kind words based on assumptions Oh sweet heavens forgive me now Undo my sin and let me find salvation By a kiss I seek forgiveness in…

Can I Believe In Your Love?

I am unaware of how your love speaks in the darkness of the night Sweet words? Chaotic kisses? Tell me when the light of day approaches Will you still sing to me Delicate lies A slight touch of the hand My heart beats, it rampages in my chest I am lost in your words Confused…

A Simple Tequila Blueberry Parfait

Okay! This week I wanted to try something new and get my creative juices flowing. You already know that I love adding alcohol to food and the taste of good tequila gets me going every time. So I decided to up my parfait game and of course add some alcohol to it as well. As…


Today I buried my love My tears ruined my chances Of a new day I buried my hope My prided and joy I have come to mourn The death of a hero My reflection stares back at me The pain A monster Kills me once again Drowning my dreams in self-pity