Anxiety: Tips And Tricks For Making It Through The Day

Last week, I wrote how I dealt with failure in terms of my anxiety. This week, I want to let you in on a few tips and tricks I use for getting through the day. I’ll be honest; this week has been kind of terrible. I feel very unstable like I am two seconds away from breaking down and crying my eyes out. 

Is that a bit too real for you? 

I hope not. Anxiety can be a terrifying thing to deal with, but making a little progress towards getting better is the best gift you can give yourself. First, I would like to say Anxiety is a real mental disorder, according to the DSM-5, that includes excessive, intense, or persistent worry or fear about what may seem like mundane situations. It can consist of panic attacks, excessive sweating, trouble breathing, or immense thoughts of impending doom. 

From a scientific viewpoint, it is the unbalanced chemicals in the brain, which trigger the nervous system to respond to perceived danger in your surroundings. Most medication people take for anxiety is to balance out the flight or fight system in your brain. Okay, enough dork talking. Sorry, my love for neuroscience tends to come out when I talk about mental illnesses. 

Here are a few tips and tricks that help me to make it through the week:

  • Eating regularly. Sounds simple, right? A healthy meal can go a long way when you are anxious. Remembering to take care of your body is a crucial component to getting better. 
  • Breathe. When you realize that you are in a situation that makes you anxious, take deep breaths. Use a few moments to center yourself. 
  • Get good sleep. Easier said than done, huh? I know. Talk to your doctor and look into melatonin pills to help you sleep. By setting aside time to rest your mind and maintain good sleeping habits, you help your body to relax. 
  • Practice a relaxing hobby. Whether you want to take up painting, yoga, hiking, or print-making, do it for your mental health. 

These are just four tips and tricks that I use to get through the day. I may have taken up too many relaxing activities, and that’s currently stressing me out, but hehe. When doing something to destress, remember that you don’t have to do it if it stresses you out. You aren’t competing against anyone; you are here to have a better life, not make it more complicated. 

Take each step one day at a time; this is not a race, but a slow march to our eternity. 

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