Blog Goals And Updates

There hasn’t been a lot of useful posts on my blog lately, and I want to change that. After a month and a half of poetry, how do you feel?   

I wanted my poems to speak for me in a time of uncertainty, and they did a good job, but I want to use my voice once more to talk about the things I love- i.e., food and healthy living. 

Now let’s talk about the things I would like to accomplish for my blog by the end of the month. 


I like using WordPress, and it makes sense to continue to use it for the foreseeable future of my blog. BUT and that’s a big BUT. I want to change how my blog is laid out. I want to have it more centralize and simplified. Many of the present menu options will either be deleted entirely or changed to match my new ideas. 

Less Poetry

I will limit the number of times I post poetry each week to three times. Some of you may think Oh Joy, that sucks I come here just for your poetry. And honestly, I am touched, but good poetry takes time to write, and I want to create works of art. 

More Consistency

I have been terrible at providing consistent content. Often, my sickness gets in the way, and I am unable to write or even come up with ideas. I want to create a schedule for myself and start with the little things that give my blog the feeling I have been trying to create since I started it last year. Give me a few weeks to work out what I want the schedule to be. 

More Recipes

I love food, from creating to eating, I am here for it. I want to put out more authentic recipes that make you want to cook, as well. The funny thing is that I love to bake, but I don’t like sweets. Besides adding to the list of inconsistent behavior that I display, I want to learn how to make other sweets. Currently, I am conquering making a biscuit (Southern style). I also want to to hear from you guys on what recipes that you would like for me to try or create.

Podcast Will Be Restructured

I wanted to make my podcast a place where I can be myself and have a fun time. So, I am restructuring it to focus on rambling about food and my kitchen adventures. 

Hopefully, It Works

After looking at all the things I want to do, I am super nervous but so excited. I mean, the worst-case scenario is that I have to start over again. I also want to add that I will add a review section on my blog for things that I like. 

As always, my friends, stay healthy, stay happy, and keep moving forward. 

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