I Wish To Forget

Woman staring out a window

There are days
When the blood rushes to my head
And all I want to do is forget
Forget the moments when you were my sole reason for existing
Forget your touch
The love you taught me
Forget it all
There are no words to describe my emotions
No thought to my actions
I just am therefore I feel
I think
I breathe
I exist beyond the realm of your reality
Break the strains of your mind
Take of the burden that rests on your shoulders
I want to forget you
The way you made me smile
Or the small moments when you could do no wrong
Let me forget your kisses
The way your eyebrow knitted with discomfort
At the thought that I might leave you
Such pity are your thoughts now
Such irony are your feelings
The blood rushes to my head
And for a small instance I wish you were dead
Only then I could begin to tell you
I was never worthy of your love 

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