Episode 5: Let’s Get Active


How are you doing today?

For me yesterday was rough… Like with two f’s (yes, I know how it’s spelled but let me just have a moment).

This week’s podcast is about getting out there and being active. As spring approaches and the pollen comes to make you cry, it’s important to remember that the great outdoors is not your enemy.

March is technically the perfect time to get active. Why? Well, January is a trial month, February is Chinese New Year, and then we are blessed with the month of March, where it may or may not snow.

Cuff season is over, spring and summer fling season begins and who doesn’t like watermelon?

So listen to our podcast to learn about some ways to get in shape and be a little bit more active this spring.

As always my friends, stay happy, stay healthy, and keep moving forward.

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