A Witch’s Farewell

In the morning

Before the sun rises

My love, you must leave me behind

Run to the hills on where the tulips grow in spring

There you will find a letter buried beneath the snow

It will be the last of its kind

For tonight I must pass on to another world

Run as far as you can

These people who were once our friends

Have turned their backs on us now

The snicker and whisper

In their houses, before the fire

As it crackles and pops through the night

They used to love us

Call us helpers

But now we are witches

Who must pay the cost

For the lives lost in this village

My child, you must run through the western forest

On the fourth night

After I have burned and left my curses

Go to the old tree and tell him your name

Learn the ways of those who were maimed

Take time my child

For you are the last of our kind

Fear not of the darkness that lingers still

And take not the drop of life

Seek not revenge

Lest it makes your heart evil

Live as we did with our heart in our hand

Take my last breath

As I wish you farewell

Let the light lead you

Through our darkest spell

And let your heart

Be good and pure

For only then shall you join me again

In a realm where no hate lives

And a den where the dawn greets the day.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lei Esther says:

    Creative. It allows the reader to think deeper and beyond the story it tells on the surface. I love this piece. I love how the story is built up. I even read this one aloud, srsly! Each turn was told in a very imaginative way ❤


    1. jjnibbs says:

      Literally, one of my favorite poems I have written.


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