The game of play pretend

Close your eyes

And count to ten

Now it’s time to pay the game of play pretend

Believe the impossible and it shall be yours

Pretend you are great

No one else can claim the words

Affirm yourself

Look for your ideals

You moral code needs adjusting

Where is your suit?

The adult world is calling

You must stand at the front of the line

Show up and be on time

Tell your boss they are smart

Think out loud how grateful you are

Remember to smile

If only for awhile

Come on and lets play the game of play pretend

Hide your flaws and your failures

Remove them from your mind

You are strong and worthy

To be called a workplace mastermind

Roll the dice

It’s all a game

Remember to smile

It will enhance your pay

Hide your pain

You are never sick

Your work is great

Maybe you’ve done them all

Maybe a little too quick

Adjust yourself

Blend in

But you have to stand out

To play pretend

Think fast

The boss made a mistake

Look who’s the scapegoat

The one who knows how to play the game of play pretend

It’s all okay

You never liked that job anyway

Now lets roll the dice

It’s time to play

The only game you know

Roll up your sleeves

It’s your turn now

Smile for your interview

And lets all play the game of play pretend

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