Writing Portfolio

Welcome to my writing portfolio, here you can find stories, articles, and more. Stick around learn more about projects I have worked on and my goal when it comes to creating stellar content. You can take a look at my digital portfolio as well, where you will find my graphic designs and an approach to giving content a voice and color.

Lead Writer for WritnWell’s blog

My Medium Articles

Time Management and The Infinite Power of No

Not Every Book has to be a Bestseller

Sir, Your Motivation is Not For Me

3 Lessons I Learned From The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck By Mark Manson

My Poetry Collection

Helping small businesses and professionals define their voice.

ACM Analytics : I worked closely with their leadership team to rewrite their website content.

Understanding The Adjacent User Theory and Redefining Our Approach to Marketing: I wrote an article to help identify how managers and marketers should consider the Adjacent User in their push to reach a bigger audience.

Eat the Planet : I wrote recipes with ingredients you can find in nature and showed the benefit of eating local.

Traveling Spud: I ghost wrote blog posts for the owner and allowed her to focus on more important tasks, like traveling and exploring new places.

BASC: Currently working with their management team as they revised and edit their content to being more personal and less generic. (Their new site has yet to launch.)