You + Me

We often overthink what it means to be healthy. It’s simple, so let me show you how to take things one day at a time.

Being healthy can be a real struggle. Weight is entirely too easy to put on for some people, and, yes, I am talking about myself. I put on 8 pounds in one week when I was becoming one with my bed. If I stop exercising or just take a few days off from working out. BAMMM!!! 5 pounds!

We each have different body types, and that’s perfectly fine. In this journey called life, I want us as humans (I mean, if you are not a human and you can read this, then please stalk me on Twitter. jk. Please don’t) to build something greater than ourselves, and that is friendships. Or maybe a boat? I think Noah already did that, though, so perhaps we can create a pillow castle instead. Let me know so we can get the supplies.

Back to what I was saying, join us! Be well with us as we go through my emotional mess and find better ways to contact food. We should be celebrating food, mental health, and personal development, not being scared of it or perhaps putting it on too high of a pedestal.

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