Ramblings of a Foodie

I like to eat. If you didn’t know that already, then I am glad to inform you about my preferences.

By birth and nationality, I am Jamaican. (BRAPPPP, BRAPPPP, BRAPPP) *cough* Okay sorry, I am really… Well no, I am not sorry *Flips hair* I actually cut my hair a few months ago, so I have no hair to flip but please feel free to use your imagination.

Photo by Chan Walrus from Pexels

I grew up with food, it was a part of every celebration in my childhood and has become a big part of my life as an adult. Both of my parents are trained chefs, but you won’t find them in the kitchen these days. After a few years of cooking, they took a step back to let us develop our own skills.

So yes, I know how to cook and why not it’s a good life skill to have. I love to eat food from all over the world because hey who doesn’t like palak paneer?

I think food connects people in a spectacular way and I love to be a part of bringing people together. Food can do amazing things for developing a friendship, helping a neighbor, or just eating by yourself.

So please get out there taste more food and expand your palate.

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