Meal Prepping with the Best of Em’

I have always been a big fan of salads, thinking that they make a great filler meal in-between breakfast and dinner. Your salads don’t have to be bland, and without flavor, they can be a combination of colors and new foods.

When you think of lunch, think big salads! Think colorful foods and hitting all those food groups. Think adding nuts if you aren’t allergic, dried fruit, a meat of your choice, and a dash of fiber.

We want you to think about what you are putting into your body and why do you do it. The foods we eat should be nutritious but also amazingly delicious. Food should taste good regardless of if you are on a diet or not. Take time to consider what you eat and try your best to use food to help your body back on the right path.

  • The Avocado Plant and The End

    January 14, 2021 by

    This morning I plucked my avocado plant by the stem and threw it into the trash. BAM! Gone! It was so easy to dispose of, but why had I decided to grow an avocado plant in the first place? In truth, I have always wanted to grow a plant from seed to full-blown produce. But… Read more

  • Pareidolia

    January 12, 2021 by

    Today, I saw faces on the walls Long noses and piercing eyes. I cried along with the tears of another. There were no sounds to call my own Like a silent movie without a plot They moved like people. Fickle and foul beings fumbling through life These silent stares bore holes into my soul. Blank… Read more

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