Dinner may be the next most important meal of the day.

For me, it has always been the place where we sit down and talk about our days or tell awkward jokes.

Below you will find plenty of dinner ideas that go well with a salad or bowl of rice. I have also placed a few side dishes here to make your search a bit more refreshing.

Poetry in Teacups

Give me poetry in teacups Poor me milk from a cup of expectations Sweeten it with intent and desire I want poetry in a teacup Serve it to me lukewarm So that I may forget it’s there Give me poetry in a teacup Stir in bits of denial and doubt Heat it back up again…

In a field of flowers

I hope to see you in a field of flowers Becoming one with the wind Swaying with wild roses Remembering how beautiful you are I hope to see you in a field of flowers With a crown and a smile Or maybe tears on your cheeks Thinking about where you have been I hope to…

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