An Ode to the Year That Ends

Photo by Mohammad reza Fathian on

I used to think I understood time
Knew the direction in which to turn
Watched the clock change its hours

But now, that the year has ended
I begin to believe, time is still a mystery
Still, the thing I wonder most about

Sure, I can’t rewind and try again
I can’t undo the love I have lost
Or the hate that lingers in its place

But what an ode to time it is
Another year has met its end
Soon a new one will begin again

So ode to a year of grief and sorrow
To a year where I did not wish for tomorrow
To a year when I left my life in boxes and moved

So ode to the year when I cried my heart black and blue
To a year where I didn’t know what to do with my mind
To a year when I learned more about love than lost

I wish to keep praising this old year and the lessons I learned
But I no longer need to reminisce on what has passed me by
Now is the time to be content with the new year’s beginning

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