Shivers, Spines, And Books

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I have never known excitement until I read a book in the wee hours of the morning.
I could feel it traveling up my spine at the mere mention of characters eagerly evolving. 
That I have never met, but have won my heart and soul a thousand times over

I should be rational about this, but have you ever made a friend that only existed.
On the fine lines of paper and bound by leather from an animal, you will never know
Each book I read is like an old friend greeting me with gleeful hugs and kisses.

Finding my way through their pages is a gift I do not know how to comprehend
And as I run my fingers along its spice, I am reminded of the beauty of words
How they continue to hold me in their arms when the world has lost its luster

This is the excitement I feel when someone tells me they love to read.

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