Sunday Self Care: Buy Yourself Flowers

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My brother got me flowers last week, and I reacted how I always react- with glee. I love flowers so much I could go an entire day without eating just to get some.

And the ridiculous thing is, I love to eat as well.

But why don’t I buy myself flowers?

If I am being honest, the thought never occurred to me. I could just walk into a store and buy new flowers each week.

So I am here to tell you, BUY YOURSELF FLOWERS.

I know it means something different if someone else does it for you, but you also need to give yourself little gifts.

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How to treat yourself like a good friend.

  • Go out to dinner alone.
  • Buy yourself a gift
  • Read a book you’ve always wanted
  • Travel to a new place alone

Be so kind to yourself that you understand self-love’s strength.

It isn’t selfish to love yourself; it’s necessary.

If you can truly learn to honor yourself and work through your emotions and desires, then who will be able to stop you from believing in yourself.

Just remember that friends also need to hold you accountable for your actions.

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