Jacklight, Night Light

Photo by Erika Quirino on Pexels.com

If you close your eyes
You can see it closely
Or maybe not at all

But let me tell you a story
About the light in the distance
I saw it once near the Mississippi River

Going downstream like a man on a mission
It burned bright, then bobbed and weaved
A shout followed, and then another
Soon the whole forest was screaming

I saw the lights and then the fire
I watched the people run away
I saw the monster, and then its eyes
As it called to wind and the way

Thought myself lucky to be here today
I called the monster, and it did reply
It told me of the light that caused a fire
It told me of the light that led it here

I cried I wept, I hid my resolve
I ran away from the monster
I ran away from it all 

A jacklight in the night

Lost, like so many others

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