Me and My Indigo Heart

Photo by David Yu on

My mother says my heart was built differently from the rest
They had to sew it back together in my chest
And when the doctors listen to it on my bad days
It means it’s beating just the right way

My heart was dyed indigo at birth
Made from the regrets of my parents
They did not want me in this hell
Did not see it fit to raise me well

So when I gave my heart to a stranger
I’m sure that stranger knew more than I
I’m sure it was the first time I cried
I wept for days with my indigo heart

Hanging on the words of a stranger and a friend
My heart beats to the rhythm of the meringue 
And my voice dances in my throat, waiting
For a moment, when the silence no longer holds me still

I will tell my parents that I can sing
That my voice reaches the highest hills
And when I pray, even gods bow
I will tell them I know what love is now

Me and My Indigo Heart

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