My Heart Rejoices

Woman facing the sunset
Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR on

I sit in a corner and watch my life burn

Little flecks of who I used to be goes up in flame

My heart rejoices

I should wash away my remorse with fire

Cleanse my soul with the embers of tomorrow

My soul rages

I sit in a field and watch the sky flicker

With memories of your love for me

My heart aches

Not for you, or your loving of who you taught me to be

But for the one who didn’t know the meaning of living

My heart cries

I paint pictures from your words of disregard

I have loved you and I lost 

My soul screams

I have found myself on a distant shore

I have wandered into being more 

My mind sings

My wings stretched far as the eyes can see

My joy is boundless, and my mind is at ease

My heart rejoices

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