New Poetry Collection: Lilacs at Dawn

I have been working on this poetry collection for the last two years; I can only hope that it is as well-received as the previous one. Okay, maybe better.

This collection has poems like Lament of the Lost, and It is not yet spring. I wanted to tell a story; I wanted to share my feelings of grief and the laughter that these two years had brought.

There are also new poems that have never been published as God walks among the pots and pans, and Mother, I hope you are well. These poems are both sad and show the mysticism that brings us hope.

I must say that designing your own book cover is something of a love/hate relationship. You love it because it allows you to be free, but hate it because of the subtle details you need to comprehend. Although this is my second time doing my own cover, I feel like I have grown in some sense. It could always be my imagination, but I would like to believe that I am better than I used to be.

I hope you will find this collection better than the last. May you keep it close to your heart and let it bring you warmth. Cry if you want to, laugh if you must; however you enjoy this poetry collection, just remember to tag me on Twitter @JJnibbles or Instagram @jjnibbzy.

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