A Note On Consideration

The world is shaking at this moment, but rather than talking about the apparent ramifications that have befallen us. I rather talk about something that we can control—food waste. There are so many people going into stores to do nothing more than panic buy, causing a wave of hysteria and wasting the food they hoarded in the first place. Yes, this act of selfishness rubs me the wrong, and it’s also dangerous.

Can you imagine the number of families out there that do not have enough food due to the uneven distribution of a local commodity? We shouldn’t be hoarding anything, and most definitely, not the resource another person needs to live.

In a plea for sanity, I ask that we become more mindful in these times, that we look out for our neighbor, and the world by reducing our tendency to panic, thus hoarding. We should take a few moments to reconsider the travesty many people are currently facing; a lack of work, bills are due, children with no place to go, and the possibility of getting their loved ones sick. We are in a time of crisis and what we need most right now isn’t panic, but sound decisions.

Please remember to take care of your health and those around you. Be that beacon of light we so desperately need right now.

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