This Constant Place of Motion

The words pass me by 

Zooming into the night 

Careless about their flight for freedom 

My insides shiver 

Rambling words leave my tongue 

How did I become so undone?

A sudden fear takes over

And I am alone again 

Then it’s the anger 

A rage swells within me 

Like a river that has grown too large for its banks

Overflowing, destroying the walls I have built 

Only to take me back to place I began 

Uncertain of my actions 

Lacking in the strength to keep going

I hate it here

This place of constant motion 

All I hear is the screaming

The shouting in the winds

The howling of my mind as it breaks 

And breaks a million times

One Comment Add yours

  1. LeeSoyer says:

    When your mind is breaking
    you don’t have the control
    the river is now overflowing
    you have a lot in your bowl
    feelings of despair and grief
    take over your body & soul
    that you’re not fighting alone
    is what I want to let you know
    be sure, we are right near you
    & winning versus depression
    against all odds is our goal.


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