The Frailty Of Large Ideals

For me the world is built on big ideas

Large ideals, like kindness and somber thoughts

Mournful visions of the past 

Mindful planning of the future

For a world so large, yet so small

I weep, like a child that has just lost its mother without understanding the gravity of lost 

I weep, face strained by the complexity of my tears

Sorrow builds within me

For a world built on big ideas

The foundation is weak and shaking 

Can it all be undone by frail humanity 

Will the pillars cease to support our ideals

Such brokenness often hides its face 

A mask to hide from the light of day 

In a brief moment it can be taken away

Taken away by a moment of truth

A world built on large ideals

Is broken in the face of humanity’s frailty

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