My Friends Are Finding New Places

A bridge leading into a forest

The other day as I wandered out loud 

“My friends are finding new places to call their own.”

The misery of being alone set in 

In those new places are new faces

Jokes that I may never hear 

Stories of childhoods I thought were meant for me

My friends are finding new places 

In which I have no hold on

They are laughing in those quiet spaces

Telling the world they have something to believe in

Tucked away in the recess of their minds

Might be the joke we once shared

When the distance grows from months to years

I forget their faces as they forget mine

Maybe sending a letter would have been too kind

What would I say 

“You found a place to belong 

That I can no longer share?” 

My friends are finding new places to call their own

And for some strange reason, I feel so alone

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    1. jjnibbs says:

      Thank you so much!


      1. No problem 🙂 check out my blog when you get the chance 😁


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