Deep Valley, Strong with Delight

The owls do no know you 

So look away, they come ever speedily 

The stars do not see you 

They are blinded by a wish that bears no fruit

On valley deep within 

Can you be my refuge 

Can you hold my sin 

Let me cower here

In the folds of your embrace 

Let my face be covered with the soot of my mistakes

Deep valley 

Strong and true 

Let me hide myself in you 

The owls cry no longer 

They go peering into the night 

To see the lovelorn maiden 

Spinning with delight

For a lover gone

Is a lover found 

On the eve of goodbyes

The owls do not know you 

So scurry on to your humble abode 

And let the stars whisper in the night 

Let their commotion be made known 

Celebrating the silence with so much delight.

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