Start Now! Tips and Tricks of Exercising

It’s Monday already; it feels like the year has ended. But in reality, we have eight more days to go till the end of the year. As those days draw near, I want to take some time to talk about the quality of exercise you need for a healthier life. You may think that going to the gym once a week or lifting some weights is all you need, but that’s a wrong assumption. You may have already known that different exercises target different areas of your body.

Squats, leg raises, and lunges all target the same areas. Rather than doing only one type of exercise in your routine, try to change it up by deciding which part of the body you will like to work on today. Create a weekly plan, and don’t forget leg day. A 150-minute moderate exercise is a norm if you want to maintain an active lifestyle; in the event you want to lose weight, the number doubles. Regardless of which workout you dedicate your time to, it’s important to remember, “You can’t outrun a bad diet.” 

Putting in the same amount of energy you do in working out is essential for when you choose to eat. It would be idiotic to run six miles and then eat a burger and fries. Choose foods that will naturally restore the energy your body used up. 

Here are some simple exercises that can help you get in shape.

  • Walking: I am a fan of fast walking, remember for it to be effective you must work up a sweat.
  • Running: Start slow if you aren’t a runner, remember to stretch and stay hydrated.
  • Swimming: One of the few activities that engage so many different muscle groups, take it slowly, and swim with caution.
  • Riding: This may feel like every day is leg day when you ride to work but think of all the gains. Jk. While your legs will be sore at first, after a while, it will make an excellent foundation for when you decide to ride your triathlon.

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