Anxious Thoughts

This is my anxiety speaking 

I hope I am not too loud

The fear of outside haunts me

Locked doors, closed windows

Don’t let the sound in 

Let me be safe in these four walls

All around me suffocating my sanity 

My head hurts from thinking so much 

I must be dying

And in my final breath

You’ll discover that my worth didn’t amount to greatness

These are the words that haunt me

You see my anxiety 

Has me by the neck 

I dare not wiggle or shout

The next moment might be my death 

I am afraid of my shadow

Afraid of the darkness, terrified of the light 

Scared of contradictions

They give me a fright

In this small shell of mine 

I am safe from my fears

Yet it’s also why it kills me

The fear of everything

The fear of dying

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