Gratitude In The Small Places

Last week, I wrote about cultivating a heart of gratitude. Did you take my post into consideration of how your actions affect those around you? Or maybe you glanced at the title and kept going through your day, because what can such a small post do for you?

That’s a good question, but here is a better one: If there were no chances to demonstrate grace or mercy. What kind of world would we live in? If everyone you came across were only interested in the potential benefits of knowing you, what would you think of society?

If you have been following my twitter, you may have heard about my love for the movie Klaus that recently came on Netflix. Personally, it resonates with my life goals and how I wish for others to treat each other, no not the beginning of the movie but more towards the ending. A message that reverberates throughout the film is, “One small kind deed begets another.” A beautiful statement, isn’t it? Another way to put it would be, “The actions of your today dictate your tomorrow.”

Our small acts of kindness, regardless of the season, can demonstrate a world where understanding, an appreciation for diversity, open-mindedness towards new ideas, and innovations become commonplace, even in the streets. Perhaps, my ideals are a bit far-fetching, but we all have to start somewhere. Gratitude starts at home; small moments between a parent and a child or siblings interact with each other on a level of love. I, for one, understand that not all family situations are ideal, and to be forced to show gratitude in a dangerous or abusive situation is idiotic. In these scenarios, show appreciation to yourself for surviving.

Kindness to oneself is the greatest lesson we have yet to learn; we are our biggest enemy and kindest motivator. In the small places when the world closes its eyes, be kind, even to yourself.

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