Love in quiet places

In quiet places 

When the sun has said its goodbyes

And the moon shines on the memories that we made 

These are the moments when I forget your face 

The warmth you once had 

Leaves this beating in my chest untouched

On these cold nights

Guided by the moon’s light 

I forget your singing 

The ringing of voices

And if for a moment 

When the world forgets my face 

And I am no longer a thought 

I wish to be forgotten 

As I have forgotten you 

If love was made for delicate places

In this quiet moment 

Is it not perfect

Will you then come back to me?

Will you be mine once more?

Will you forgive me of my sins and tell me that your love has never faded

Or will the very thought of me bring you to your knees?

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