A Revolution In The Sheets

A Revolution in the sheets

This revolution will not be televised 

It won’t happen in the streets

But the sheets where skin touches another

To the lovers

The caretakers

The ones who fall in love first 

This is a revolution for you 

Calm your mind 

Relax your soul 

Let my words guide you to ecstasy 

Take a breath beloved

This is a movement for you

Let me now scream my sweet-nothings into the sky 

Ringing out loud 

For all to hear

Let your moans collide with mystic motions

Making mayhem for all those to come 

Bring the chaos

Bring the rum 

Tonight the revolution begins

Lovers grab your Lover

Pull them close

Let the world see your passion 

In these sheets, between you and I 

Let’s start a revolution 

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