Calloused Hands

I remember the softness of your lips 

Sweet kisses 

Simple touches

You used to hold me like precious silver 

Taking your time to touch the creases of my heart

Like an artist that only knows the touch of paper 

That each fold would mean something new and beautiful

I remember the feeling of your hands

As they lingered across my skin 

Trying to gage my intensity for you 

Pulling me deeper into your love 

Calloused hands aged by the difficulty of life

Smooth by the touch of a soul 

Loved by fragile things, like paper and me

On cold nights

I remember your warmth 

That comfort that you brought

My soul is cold and my hearts can’t remember what love feels like 

To you who brought me a love so deep 

I hope that you are happy, wherever you are. 

With your calloused hands

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