Black scissors on a book with thread
Photo by Eneida Nieves from Pexels

Burning in the light of day

My want to be anything more than I already am consumes me 

A need to grow 

And live fills my heart

I wish to be undone 

To become something worthy of the air you’re breathing

You see my lungs are filled 

With a need 

The desire burns within me 

To breathe

Beyond this realm of living 

I wish to exist in a plane of non-contempt

But the darkness looms within my heart

I bury the memories

The hatchet 

The past lives in my backyard

Screaming to the sun, moon, and the stars

I am stuck in this place that never grows old

I have yet to fail, so far from succeeding 

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy 

I beg 

I wish to be undone

To unravel with the wind 

To breathe fresh air

Clings to my lungs 

Refusing to release me 

I suffocate on longing

Simple words

Kind thoughts

Small smiles

Shy goodbyes

I wish to be undone

By the air that fills your lungs

Woven threads to the sky 

Unravel this twine that dwells within

Undo the weaving of my weary soul once more

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