I’ve Been Meaning to Write You

I’ve been meaning to write you

A love letter

Or a song

To tell you what a broken heart feels like

I haven’t gotten a chance

You see

My heart doesn’t feel like it’s inside my chest

More like a distant feeling

Beating in my breast

I can’t sleep

And the tears keep coming

I’m drowning you see

Uncertainty clouds my vision

How do I love when I haven’t been forgiven?

I have forgotten the feeling of you 

Of warmth 

And truth 

I wanted to write you a letter 

Or a song 

To tell you my heart’s healing nice and strong 

To smile when the tears keep coming 

To push past this feeling 

Of broken promises and empty dreams 

I guess I’ll write you something else 

When my heart has healed 

And beats within my chest

Then I’ll be happy 

But for now 

The world seems a bit too scary 

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