A Thought On Sacred Places

Lately, I have been in deep thought about sacred places. To be clear, when I say sacred places, I am referring to the areas within us where we experience change. Honestly, I wanted to write a poem about sacred places, something to show the beauty and darkness of these places, but I was unable to. Maybe the thought was too big to fit into poetic lines, or I may be a sloppy writer that is unable to craft the beauty that lingers inside my head onto paper. 

The world may never know. 

But back to sacred places, if I were to describe them with accuracy, they would be moments in your life when your thought-pattern changes, and you get a more in-depth look into who you are meant to be. Change is inevitable that we are sure of, but it is often intriguing how we change and the effect it has on our life. 

In my sacred place, I’ve come face to face with my fear of success and my need to hide from peering eyes. These are all little monsters that make my anxiety so much worse than it needs to be, but overcoming them has made me into a wiser person. 

I have noticed that sacred places can also have a physical manifestation as well. Think back to a time you may have heard someone talking about a place they like to be alone or where they go to think. In these magical places, constructive change happens in the human mind and soul. 

As humans who are continually changing, it is not only essential to have a sacred place to go and think and explore who you can be, it is also vital to protect these places. In a world where people have developed a bandwagon-mentality, where you are unable to disagree with your neighbor in fear of retaliation, protecting places where we can think and therefore act upon thoughts that empower individuals to make the world a better place is important.

Our sacred places are up to us to protect and grow. Be mindful of who you let into your sacred place and do some cleaning of the mind. Be kind to your mind. 

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