Day 19-24: 30 Days of Yoga with Down Dog

Man sitting in a tree

Hello beautiful people.

I am back once more. I have decided to do this format rather than updating everyday. My sessions have become 23 minutes with the last three minutes spent meditating or just trying not to fall asleep on the mat.

I promise you that I like yoga much more than I thought I would. This entire process has taught me about what I deem as super important is just my twisted belief placed in objects. I want to leave my worries behind and find inspiration in the small things.

This week along with my practice I was so stressed and worn out. I wanted to curl into a ball and cuddle with my pillows. I made it through though and that’s the amazing thing. The strength of the human soul is limitless, we can overcome anything life throws at us.

I want all who come across this post to be encouraged and no matter what life throws at you, know that you are stronger because of it. You are not weak or inferior, you are strong and noble beings.

As always my friends, stay healthy, stay happy, and keep moving forward.

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