Day 15-18: 30 Days of Yoga with Down Dog

Yoga mat being rolled up

Forgive me once again for not writing. Most of the poems you see are scheduled weeks in advanced and I am under a huge project that could change my life.

Each session that I did lasted from 20-30 minutes. I incorporated swift flow movements then repeated them very slowly to get the full effect. Cobra pose is slowly becoming one of my favorite poses. It feels really good on my back and feet.

Over the past few days I have been really stretching and it has begun to pay off. I can now place my hands beyond my feet. This may seem like a small goal to you but for a long time I could not bend down without my fibro acting up. Now it doesn’t hurt as much.

I have done more meditation since I am in the middle of a flare-up and can’t walk for the most part right now. Meditating has really helped me in ways that my medicine has not. Being very honest my medication has stopped working and I am all over the place with my depression.

Don’t worry too much about me though, I am stronger than I think and on stubborn little dumpling.

I hope I can inspire you to keep going after your goals even if you are in pain or depressed. You are so much more than you think.

As always my friends, stay healthy, stay happy, and keep moving forward.

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