Saturday Thoughts

I wrestle with my own mortality.

Lost between the coming and going.

My brain is in disarray and I find it hard to concentrate.

It’s the depression.

I wear it like a second skin now

Close to my heart.

I want to tell you something different this time

I want to say that the medication is working

I feel great

But I don’t

I can’t

And I won’t

I can’t sleep

And the nights are long

I fall into the mindset that I am the cause

I am the reason you hate me now

When you used to love me

You used to be happy

All I hear are frustating words

Your tired

Your hurt

You no longer trust the words that fall from my lips

How did we get to the this eclipse

Of broken hearts and hatred

How do we fix this

These are my thoughts

As the depression sets in

With a heavy heart

And a deep sigh

I regress once more to the abyss

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