Day 12: 30 Days of Yoga With Down Dog

Photo by Marcin Korytowski from Pexels

So Day 12 is a bit late, but for a very good reason: I am a lazy potato in need of food.

Just Kidding.

I did today’s practice a bit late due to some pain and overall fatigue. It has been a relaxing weekend, but due to the weather acting up, I haven’t been feeling the best.

Today’s practice was 23 minutes of me going from down dog to warrior one over and over again. Was it fun? No.

Since, I took a break from working out; I am trying to get to the place where yoga is a fun experience. Shoot, a place where exercise overall is a fun experience. My favorite part of the session was the end, where I laid still just letting go of my fatigue and reaching for that new tomorrow and a better outlook on life.

As always my friends, stay happy, stay healthy, and keep moving forward.

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