Have You Seen Him

Street at night
Photo by Simon Robben

I have sinned a terrible sin

I have let the beast within


He now roams the streets

Looking for souls eat

Weak souls

Broken and bruised

He was my burden

My prison

My chain

This beast of mine has no name

My freedom causes you pain

Have you seen him?

He has no form

Takes no shape

He is the lust of a one night stand

The desire of a lover

The anger of a marriage gone bad

He is the fear you feel

In the night when the moon sleeps

Have you seen my emotions?

My Beast?

He has broken free

Left me numb

Yet breathing on

In the hopes that he’ll come back to me.

I have left the beast within


2 Comments Add yours

  1. _Occultatum_ says:

    Sometimes it needs to get out so you can let go. This piece really felt strong. I myself started a blog where I post poetries. Would love for you to visit 🌹


    1. jjnibbs says:

      This is true. Oh? I will definitely visit.


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