April Goals

There’s a saying that goes “April showers brings May flowers” as if to try and explain the amount of rain that we get each year. There are plenty of flowers in April, as is, and no need for extra pollen.

March in review

March was a difficult month for me. Emotionally, I reached my limit mid-way and had to take a break where all my posts took a downhill turn, physically, my body was in so much pain, my goal of getting in better shape was derailed thanks to the number of times my legs gave out, mentally, I was depressed and having panic attacks a few times a day.
Talk about stress, but I did make it through. I was able to self-publish my first book and have begun to plan my next one.

Through it all, I received support from my close family and friends, I may have taken, one too many days to curl up in bed but it was worth it. Thank you to all the new followers that decided to join me on this writing journey.

Let’s Move To April

In April, I want to continue to put out creative content. I have decided to do a bit less blogging about life and stuff and focus on mainly poetry and recipes. I will do the occasional health post, but I want to put more focus on my writing since I have a few projects that need to get down.
My social media goals are simple: I hope to engage more with my followers. I am thinking of holding a poetry contest and supporting the writers on twitter more by having a section called Writers of Twitter.


Insta: 100 followers @jnibbzy
Twitter: 100 followers @Spiceandnnn
2,000 followers @JJnibbles
WordPress: 300 followers and 1,100 views

These are my goals for this month, here’s to hoping that I can achieve them and not go crazy.

As always my friends, stay happy, stay healthy, and keep moving forward.

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