Episode 10: Failure And What We Can Learn From It


Hello you wonderful people! How are you doing today?

This week, I experienced failure everyday, several times a day, and for no good reason. I was in a lot of pain this week and went through entirely too much emotional ups and downs. It was brutal, I said a few mean things to my favorite person in the world (the hubby). He was kind enough to put me in my place with love and a few hugs.

My failure made me feel like I had to take my anger out on someone, I guess I now know what my dad feels all the time. HAHAHAHAHA….. *cries* wooooHOOOOO

Saw all that emotion? Take that and multiply it by 8. That was me all week, which is probably why the poems were kind of weird.

What to do with failure?

Take your failure personally. Keep it close to your heart, but don’t let it ruin your dreams. Failure can teach you many things: Time and place does effect your success, your talent can only get you so far, what you do for others is important to your growth as a person, and the amount of time you put into your dreams will make a difference in the results.

Your failure should not stop you from going forward. It should help you refine your plans, focus your efforts, and take a moment to enjoy the journey. We crave success, crave to prove ourselves worthy of the better things in life, as if it could make our happiness anymore realistic than it currently is. Failure, will hopefully, teach you emotional intelligence, while helping you to understand your own support network.

When you fail, learn from it and go forth with a plan to succeed next time. There are plenty of companies and individuals that failed repeatedly before they got to where there are today.

If you want to learn more about getting up after failure and what my week was like, then go listen to my podcast.

I also wanted to thank you all for following me. I greatly appreciate your continued support.

As always my friends, stay happy, stay healthy, and keep moving forward.


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