A Sinner Looks In

A sinner looks in

And rejoices at his condemnation

He is free

To stray from the path of righteousness

No longer bound by his morality

His conscience holds not weight

He is free

Free to damage his soul and his body

A sinner looks in

To find himself worse than he was yesterday

His belief is fading

His freedom becoming chains

A sinner looks in

A crying man confronts him

A broken soul looks on

A sinner looks in

To ask for forgiveness

To beg to be whole again

A man looks in

Still a sinner

Partially broken

Like glass after a bar fight

Never being made whole again

His condemnation now his own

He learns now that forgiveness was always his

Never to be traded

For the sins he had committed

A sinner looks in

To remember

His reason for living

To notice the moments

When his sins meant more to him

Than his own salvation

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