I Published A Book !

Hello, you beautiful people!

You might see the title and go OOHHHMMMYYYGOOOOSSSHHHHH!!!! I know! It’s crazy.

In my podcast on Thursday, I announced that I published my first poetry collection. A lot of the poems are from here but some of them you may have never seen before. There is an e-book and a paper book version. Of course, I already ordered mine and I have had a few friends order theirs as well. If you love my poetry, this is a great way to support me and my craft. You don’t have to support me but it would mean a lot to me.

I self-published so from writing to the creation of the book cover, I did it all. I did not know that I hated formatting so much! But life is about learning new things and I could probably format and publish other books as well. So, I’m basically a pro now. 🙂

My book of poems is filled with emotions of desire, betrayal, depression, hope, loss, and joy. It’s an emotional roller coaster and I love every page of it. My next book will probably be darker but we shall see.

I’ll leave the link at the bottom and show you ,beautiful people, a picture of the cover. Thank you for your support and for sticking around. I really appreciate it.

Here’s the link to my new book.

As always my friends, stay happy, stay healthy, and keep moving forward.

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  1. Congratulations!!! Looking forward to reading it.


  2. Wow! Congratulations 🎉


    1. jjnibbs says:

      Thank you!!!!

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  3. Hannah Read says:

    Congrats! I really do like your poetry and that is a stunning book cover! What did you use to design it?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. jjnibbs says:

      Thank you so much! I used Canva! It’s awesome.

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