Episode 9: Announcements Galore!

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Episode 9

Hello lovely people! How are you? Did you miss me?

I am sorry that I haven’t been around much for the past week. Hopefully I am back now. It has just been a lot of stress and my health took a turn for the worse.

I am really just waiting to wake up from this nightmare of a month. It doesn’t look like it though. So when life gives you limes you make mojitos.

I really hope you know what a mojito is because they are delicious. Yes they are alcoholic.

Anyway this one will be a short update and for me to tell you how I am doing. I can’t do a long one this week because I am not feeling well and clients aren’t being friendly.

If you don’t feel like listening. I’ll announce my good news on twitter later.

Also remember to value yourself please. You are a wonderful fireball of awesomeness.

As always my friends, stay happy, stay healthy, and keep moving forward.


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  1. W.D. Herstun says:

    I am in a restaurant and can’t hear the announcements but obviously I’m tuned to your twitter. So hopefully the news is good.
    Clients suck. Idk what u do but client especially sick in ghostwriting. 👎🏾

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    1. jjnibbs says:

      My announcement which you probably already saw was about the new book I published. Yeah, clients want to take all the credit for your hard work. It sucks.

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      1. W.D. Herstun says:

        I haven’t seen. New followers are great for press and not individual relationships as much. I’m still learning. I think I need to create a group of people’s tweets I wish to see first. Lol. Technology man. Moves at a maddening pace even for the engaged.
        And yes. Credits aare such a nasty part of the industry. I even hate doing credit tags on my site. 😦 For some reason they just suck. And I’m controlling them. Lol. Working with publishers and clients make it worse.


      2. jjnibbs says:

        I think that’s a way to do it but I feel like as I meet new people I’ll miss a lot of information or random thought. I think credit should be given but it’s hard. There are so many times when I make something amazing and I am denied credit. It makes me want to scream but also feel kind of good because my work is being recognized in an odd way. You can use tech to help your business flow and choose to be an honest person regardless of how people around you are.

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      3. W.D. Herstun says:

        I aspire to be true to myself at all times. Even when it makes other slightly uncomfortable.
        Aspirations don’t always come true. But I think this is one I’m centering on as I try to build the site for the future.

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      4. jjnibbs says:

        I greatly appreaciate those who remain true to themselves. It can be a hard feat.

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