A Sumac Of Flavor

Sumac in the Wild

Sumac is a wonderful spice that used to be considered as a poison until recently. Now don’t get me wrong there is poisonous sumac that has white berries. You should probably stay away from those, but don’t mind me.

There are several types of Sumac that can be used in your cooking. The leaves and berries can be used to make tea or a drink similar to the taste of lemonade, just like our detox for this week.

Sumac comes from Asia and while a lot of people think that it is a weed, it is not. It is a really interesting spice that adds a bit of a tangy rustic flavor to whatever you are cooking.

Check out the photos above and you may be surprised that you may have already seen it growing outside your yard or neighborhood. It is important to keep in mind that sumac leaves turn scarlet in the fall which really compliments the spice. You can also eat the young shoots and roots of the plant by either boiling or steaming them.

Sumac has plenty of benefits you may not have even thought about. It has antioxidants, reduces blood sugar levels, helps relieve muscle pain, and some research has shown that it may reduce bone loss.

It has a tangy flavor that goes well with poultry, lamb, and pork. You could probably have a glass of wine with it to finish off the combination. May I suggest sweet white wine. Check out our post on wines for other delicious choices.
If you are interested in sumac recipes this site has plenty. This will probably become one of my favorite spices to use this year so I hope you are looking forward to a few new recipes.

As always my friends, stay happy, stay health, and keep moving forward.

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