A Girl and A Broom

Photo by luizclas from Pexels

She wanted to watch him bleed
From nothing else but her bite marks
She was possessive
As if to own his soul was not enough
She wanted him there begging
On his knees with tears in his eyes
Begging like a dog in heat
With sad whimpering
No words
She wanted raw emotion
Full of unknown and passion
At least that’s what she told herself
But she had been alone for a very long time
There were no men lining up to have their way with her
No that had stopped a long time ago
Now she was a professional at putting up walls
No brave soul was left in sight stronger enough to scale those walls
Or maybe no one was dumb enough
For when she walked
She peered at you with ravenous eyes
Hungry for the next soul she would consume
There’s always something scary about a girl and a broom

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