My Fears Have Names

Creepy Face in the night
Photo by Sebastiaan Stam

My fears have names

They crawl

On creaking floors

And whisper nothings in my ear

Of possibilities that will never be real

Of dreams that will fail

They linger

On my last string of hope

And play with my anxious thoughts

They are a poison

That seeps slowly in my bones

A slow death is only half the battle

They come

When the sun has set

And my heart can take no more

In the night they cling to me

Like my sins do

The guilt of failure

The fear of starting over

These are the names of my fears

They are tattooed on my arms

And written on the memories

That I treasure the most

I can find my fears

In the places

Where the light refuses to shine

In the depths of the darkness

They lurk

Like broken promises

And the things I wish to forget.

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