A Sip of Wine

wine glass

She sits

With a wine bottle in her hand

And drinks down the fear of tomorrow

Her sigh

Is heard

From the shores of the sand

She dreams

On far less adventurous things

Of a home

And a family

Of loved ones who are too far away

She drinks her sorrow away

Waiting for a new dawn

Drenched in the fear of a day gone

And now she frets

Of expectations

Which have no hold on her life

She is free

From all the insecurities that once held her here

So she flies on tomorrow’s promise

And believe in a love less permanent

Than a smile

Her hope lingers on things not said

But for now she has left the dread behind

A sip of wine

And a ego boost

Just enough to cut a noose.

6 Comments Add yours

      1. No problem 🙂 check out my blog when you get the chance 😁

        Liked by 1 person

      2. jjnibbs says:

        I definitely will.


  1. iwanttobuyahouse.co.uk says:

    This is really good! You should get these printed and framed, you might be able to sell them on etsy!


    1. jjnibbs says:

      OH My GOODNESS!!! THAT WOULD BE AMAZING !!! Thank you much for your kind words.

      Liked by 1 person

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