The Grit Journey

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Hello you lovely people, are you enjoying your weekend?

Well, I think I might be but we’ll just have to see once Monday rolls around.

I actually wanted to take some time to explain what The Grit Journey was about and how you can join me if you would like.

The Objective

Grit: Is persevering even when things aren’t working out the way you hoped.

The Basics

Grit is not blindly going ahead without a plan. It is, in fact, quite the opposite. When I talk about a Grit Journey I mean planning ahead and working towards that goal. You know the things that you want to accomplish and how you would like to get there, so go forth. Each step in your Grit Journey will be different because you are a much different person than I am. I want you to use the three Cs to help you on your journey: Consistency, Change, and Control.


  • Explain how to be consistent
  • Start small
  • Make a schedule
  • Keep going


  • If you want to change you will have to work for it
  • Plan ahead
  • Be positive
  • Be kind to yourself


  • Discipline yourself to stick to your plans
  • Meditate and practice mindfulness
  • Track your efforts (Calendar, Blog, App tracker)
  • Give yourself the option of a goal or reward

My next 30 days will be focused on my overall health but I will break it down into incorporating yoga into my week, taking the time to find healthy ingredients for my meals, and spending more time being present with my loved ones.

My Commitment

So for the next 30 days, you can commit with me to change who you are, whether you want to be a neater person or try out meditation. Do it!

My first commitment will be to do yoga every day for the next 30 days, I will start out light and then see how far I can practice. I will not strain my body or mind to fit some kind of mold, rather I will seek to better understand my body and mind.

If you want to join me hit that beautiful subscription button and enjoy your Grit Journey.

As always my friends, stay happy, stay healthy, and keep moving forward.

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