Begin Again

Woman walking on train tracks

If you are taking the time to read this new post, let me be the first to tell you thank you. I appreciate you stopping by whether you are a new visitor or an old follower.

Earlier this week I took the time to talk a little bit about my next 30 day journey to a better health called The Grit. If you are wondering why I chose this topic then, it’s because I want to pursue a life of change.

I want to be intentional with my health and with my efforts towards my goals. I personally know how many times I give up on a new exercise program and it’s frustrating. I want to be committed to this process and to fully change my habits, mindset, and lifestyle.

So each day I am going to begin again. Every time I screw up, miss a work out, eat something I should probably avoid, I am going to tell myself that I will fail if I stop now and failure is not an option.

With this mindset I am forgiving myself rather than degrading myself every time I make a mistake. I am taking responsibility for my actions and changing my behavior. A journey through health should not be about shaming yourself about the times you fail. Yes, take responsibility for your action but do not beat yourself up about it. Failure and making mistakes is a part of life and a very good teacher.

Be kind to yourself and others on this journey called life. Be gentle with your critics and be loving with the you in the mirror. Patience and dedication is going to be one of your closest friends, so take the time to give yourself a high-five every now and then.

You should always remember that in each moment you can begin again, no matter how many times you need to. Well unless you are on a top secret mission and you only get one shot.

As always my friends, stay healthy, stay happy, and keep moving forward.

P.S. I will be dropping the post on Friday that goes into the details of The Grit Journey.

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