Waiting for your call

At night
I sleep with the phone next to my ears
Waiting for your call
It has been 3 years
6 months
3 weeks
5 days
12 hours
14 minutes 
And 5 seconds 
Since you told me to wait
The phone hasn’t rung
The broken down house is the last place 
I can still call home 
The lights haven’t worked in years
And the water doesn’t run
But I have stayed 
Waiting for your call
The days all pass in a fog 
I’m starting to forget your face 
The color lipstick you used to wear
How you liked to hum when you cook
The way you smelled in spring mornings
And all the beauty 
That you hold 
I miss your cooking 
The way your hugs were always warm 
Mom, where did you go? 
I am waiting 
For your call

Sent from my Huawei Mobile

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